Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's contagious!

I have been felled by the malaise of genre ADD. That horrible malady where a reader is unable to determine what genre to read next and is unsatisfied with each reading attempt. I started three books with no success. I went to the library yesterday and wandered around for an hour. I just couldn't figure out what I had a taste for. Urban fantasy? Historical romance? Mystery? Romantic suspense? After much dithering I finally chose three new titles. Huh. Silly contemporary romances and a Brockmann. That sounds great! I started a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book with much hope. The thing I love about her football series is that it takes place in Chicago and the surrounding areas. So often Chicago is overlooked or misrepresented as a setting. She is a local, so she gets it right. In Match Me If You Can she even highlights my own neighborhood! She is spot on accurate. Yet, I will admit that I am getting a bit frustrated with the H/h of this new novel, but I will stick it out and see how Ms. Phillips gets them out of the corner into which they have been painted. I hope it works out convincingly. It would be a sad waste of a good setting if I end up hating the ending (especially since the heroine lives in the town in which I attended high school!) I will not give up. I will not give in. I will shake off the malaise and stomp this genre ADD into submission!

My month long celebration of all things manly is starting today. Hopefully it will kick start my reading habits. I will post the details this evening once I leave school (such a bad teacher posting about romance from my classroom!) Here are a few more clues as to the focus of this festival of fantasticness.

Terminology and locations you would encounter along with our Alpha hotties:

Wheels up
goat fuck
cluster fuck

Who/what do you think we are going to be celebrating?