Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm so embarrassed

I just returned home from a lovely afternoon that started with a book signing by fabulous locals Julie James and Beth Kery, joined by Joss Ware and Shiloh Walker. Good books, great company, delicious food and fantastic wine. A perfect Saturday afternoon.

It was while in the company of these fine ladies, Shiloh's patient husband, and fellow blogger Stacy, that I had to admit to the embarrassing state of my blog. I have been neglectful. Horribly so. I was in such a reading slump for so long that, once I finally began to read again, I was completely out of the habit of blogging. Well, there is no other way to regain the habit than to practice.

So here I go. I know this is a very short, small start, but I hope to have more to say in the coming days. I did post my review of Someone Like You by Julie James on the DIK blog a week or two ago. I just finished the first book of the Percy Jackson series. I'm almost finished with another Loretta Chase. I am currently listening to the audio book of Little Women (my first time ever!) I really REALLY need to read The Outsiders for school. So lots of fodder for the ol' What Women Read blog.

Keep your eyes peeled. I just may surprise us all and start things up again in earnest. :)