Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hear ye, hear ye!!!

**Trumpets sound a fanfare. Fireworks explode in the air above us all**

"It's May, it's May, the lusty month of May!"

I feel the need to let the sentiments of Camelot ring true this month at What Women Read. The Lusty Month of May. A month full of hot heroes, glorious sex, twue wuv, and one brilliant author. Therefore let the opening ceremonies begin. We start off with a parade of heroes so intense, so passionate they can only be called Alphas: Tom, Stan, Sam, Max, Jenks, and all of their team members.

**More fireworks light up the sky as they perform a 21 gun salute. (Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Please be happy to see me!)**

Next we have the sassy, the strong, the intrepid. The heroines: Kelly, Gina, Jane, Terri, Allysa.
This bevy of fantastic femininity is followed by a contingent of WWII veterans dressed proudly in their old uniforms. The stories of these brave men and women makes our hearts swell with pride.

**A hush falls over the crowd**

Then we see it. The float carrying our guest of honor. The women who breathed life into this cavalry of characters, Suzanne Brockmann. There she sits upon her throne, clad in jeans and a t-shirt that proudly states "I ate dinner with Joss Whedon!" (Lucky bitch!) Despite our burning jealousy, we still love her. We cheer her on, ready to kick off...

Marvelous Men of May: Brockmann's Boys

That's right, an entire month devoted to the men of Team 16 and the Troubleshooters. How are we going to devote an entire month to Brockmann? Well, let me count the ways:

1) The book club title for May is... Unsung Hero.
Haven't read a Brockmann book? Now is your chance to start. Are you an avid Brockmannaholic? Reread and remind yourself of how this devotion began. Go to you bookshelf, TBR pile, library, Amazon, or local book store and pick up a copy of this book. On May 23rd I will open up discussion for Tom and Kelly's story. Come along, join us! You know you want to.

2) Name that SEAL/Troubleshooter
This is the mancandy portion of the month. I shall spend countless hours scouring the Internet for photographs of men that have that certain something, that strong sexiness inherent in the Boys of Brockmann (BofB). I will post said photos and let you decide. Which hero is he? Which BofB does each specimen embody? (I know it will be a strenuous job searching through photos of beautiful men, but a girl does what one must.)

3) The Boys of Brockmann Battle Royale
Which hero shall reign supreme? I shall be posting a poll each week pitting one hero against another. So as not to play favorites, I will draw the names from a hat to chose the opponents. It is up to you to cast your vote and make sure your favorite hero is not cast off the island. In the end, only one man will remain standing. At which time I will be dragging him off to my lair to have my wicked way with, I mean, we can all cheer or lament over the winner.

4) I am going to keep this a secret. I have not gotten the details ironed out just yet.

So let the festivities begin! The first showdown in the Battle Royale will be posted tomorrow. Each Friday a new battle shall commence. Cast your votes, let you voice be heard. Which hero will reign supreme?


Bridget Locke said...

Jules! LOL!

Ana said...

Yay, Amazon UK has this book in stock so I am getting it. It will be my frist by this author that everyone raves about!

Stacy~ said...

I do adore Jules, but I have to admit it was Sam that had me from the first moment he tangled with Alyssa. Just love that cowboy.

Kris said...

Ooh, fun. This is hard to pick though. They all have their own great qualities. I love Sam but by the end he was starting to annoy me. I might have to say Tom or Max. I will have to think about this. :)

Rowena said...

1. Oh goodness, I am SO on this...I'm going to reread TUH and join the discussion, woo hoo...I can't wait until May 23rd!

2. Ooh I can't wait for this portion of everything...and Sam Starrett is the best Brockmann hero to date IMO. =) Although, I do love me some Cosmo and Izzy. =)


4. I can't wait to see what else you have planned for this Brockmann filled month! =)


Ana said...

Go the book, so definitely participating on this! :)

barb said...

You are an evil, evil woman.


WildCard forever! (or at least until I read the other nine books, which are trickling into the library's hold desk)