Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brockmann contest ahoy!!!

Oh boy! The Battle Royale is intense. Two of our match ups are tied at 4 votes a piece. Come on readers, it is time to vote. Here in Chicago we have a motto, "Vote early and vote often!"

Alright, now for the contest. This will be the first ever book contest on What Women Read. You know you want to be part of this historic occasion! I mean, come on, hot heroes and a free book? What is not to love? Interested? Here are the details:

What to do: Write an ode to your favorite Brockmann hero. Can't choose just one? Why then, write and ode to the wonderous Ms. Brockmann, herself! Entertain me please. Work is... stressful. I can use the laugh.

When to do it: By this time next Tuesday night (May 27th)

What you get: A paperback copy of the Brockmann book of your choice. Wooo! Free book!

Why to do it: Because it is fun! Also, this fine gentleman says you should...

Gawd! Hmm... could this be Sam? Perhaps Cosmo? Wildcard? Jenk? Guh!


barb said...

I think he's too pale to be one of Brockmann's babes.

I'm up to Gone Too Far. I'm reading a book a night, and it's killing me to go that slow, but I do, however unfortunately, need to sleep.

Katie Reus said...

Sadly, I have no ode for one of her men....but I LOVE that guy's tattoo! My hubby's got one just like it ;) Yum!

Stacy~ said...

Sounds fun, I'll have to think of something, though I think I have most of Brockmann's books already. Btw, do you have this one too? It's another fave:


Shannon said...

Stacy- I have not read that one yet. It is on my TBB list. Oh yes, it will be mine!

wildchild said...

I’m not dreaming anymore
But I’m waiting for the one
The one that will concur
My heart
My empty heart
Fighting to be full
Full of your love
Your irresistible
And passionate love

barb said...

I chose to show my love for the Boys of Brockmann in the form of didactic cinquans. Mine don't follow any syllable rules because I never knew about those until about three minutes ago, so we're just going with these "rules":

One: a one-word title - the "subject"
Two: a pair of adjectives describing line 1
Three: a three word phrase that gives more information about line 1
Four: 4 words describing feelings related to the subject
Five: one word synonym or other reference for the subject

irreverent innovative
out of control
wears heart on sleeve

sexy balding
leader of men
SEALs are fiercely loyal

crude sensitive
man of honor
Alyssa carries his heart

honest capable
out of closet
best friend of many

senior guarded
can fix anything
except his own lovelife

stoic taciturn
stuff of legends
exterior hides deep passion

driven bitter
other readers swoon
I don't get it

I couldn't come up with a good one for Mike that allowed me to use "gosh darned", so I wrote an alternate for Karmody:

orally fixated
"fuck a duck"
heartbroken over bitch Adele

And as a point of interest, every time I picture Cosmo, I see Rick Rossovich, AKA Slider from Top Gun. (mmmm Iceman and Slider) He was even in Navy SEALs, which I've been meaning to rewatch for AGES now, so I guess that's extra incentive. *g*

Shannon said...

I am a great big slacker (aka. a teacher who just escaped for the summer). Thank you wildchild and barb for the lovely poetic dedications to Brockmann's Boy.

After much consideration (and random pulling from a hat), the contest winner is....barb!

barb, I fear you may have bought all the Troubleshooters books. If not, which would you like? If you have, what other fabulous paperback release would you like me to send you? Drop me an email
semuelle77 [at] gmail

barb said...

Yeah, I, uh. Um. *cough* Kinda went nuts on ebay. *g*

How could I pass up a Lot of 29 Brockmann books, including the whole Troubleshooters series?

I'll tell you how: I could not!

I sent you an email. I'm sorry to say that I was of no help at all.