Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brockmann bash is nearly over!

The end of May is in sight. That means that the Marvelous Men of May: Brockmann Boys is nearly over.

Voting for this round of the Battle Royale ends tomorrow!

No one has entered my contest :( I'm so sad. Brockmann's boys are feeling no love. Come on! You still have about five days to develop your ode to Alphas.

Now I need to go read All Through the Night.

Book Club deadline is tomorrow! Unsung Hero!!!!


lisabea said...


barb said...

Be patient, grasshopper. I have a feeling you'll get some entries on the weekend. I will be working on something, at least. ;-)

The little "word" verification on blogger ends with SAM, who is going to walk away with the championship in your polls. Blogger is psychic!

Ana said...

I am here for the bok club! : )

I posted a review of the book and linked to your book club. I am a bit scared of your reaction because I didn't like the book very much