Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vamps on Screen

My love of the paranormal, especially vampires, is not limited to the written word. Oh no, I love vampires in all mediums. Books, television, films. I enjoy them all. So today I give to you some of my favorite vamps of the big and small screen. Enjoy the pretties!

Buffy and Angel (of course!)

Mick and Beth (Moonlight... man, I miss that show)

Selene, because she is the most ass kickin'est female vamp out there

Do you have a favorite "live action vampire"?


Katiebabs said...

Gary Oldman in the movie Dracula makes me swoony.

Jessica said...

Oh, how I miss Buffy and Angel. Its crazy that he was only on the show for a couple of seasons!

Shannon said...

KB- Good call! He was compelling, but in a creepy way. Much like David Bowie in The Labrynth.

Jessica- At least we got to see his on Angel. Now I have to get my Boreanez fix on Bones. Man, I love that show.

Kristie (J) said...

Oh yes I most CERTAINLY do!!!!!! And it's breaking my heart that it's not on anymore. Henry Fitzroy from Blood Ties totally stole my heart.
It's available on-line but damn their eyes - they've blocked it from viewers outside the US. If it ever comes out on DVD though.......

little alys said...

You ladies called out all the ones I know. :)

naida said...

Great clips, I used to watch Buffy.
I like Anne Rice's vamps from Interview With the Vampire. And I think Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise played them perfectly on film.
I also like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie though, the one before the tv series came out. That was a fun film.

Sarah said...

I LOVE Selene. She is so cool!