Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review: Vamps and the City

Book:  Vamps and the City
Author:  Kerrelyn Sparks
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Darcy Newhart was a reporter for a local New York news station.  She had dreams of covering the big stories, but like all newbies was assigned to the human interest stories.  She was a talented reporter who was able to bring wit and charm to the most boring or demeaning situations.  New York loved her.  And one Halloween night she went missing. 
Surviving the attack that night brought her into the world of vampires, and into the harem of vampire leader, Roman Dragenesti.  With Roman's impending wedding, the members of his harem are at loose ends.  What will become of them.  Darcy sees this as her chance to once again gain some of the freedom she lost four years ago.  To that end she seeks employment at the only vampire run television station, DVN.  The throwback of a station manager agrees to hire her if she can come up with a unique programming idea for their stale evening lineup.  Thus the first vampire reality show is born, The Sexiest Man Alive.

Sick of the sexism she faces in the vampire community, she decides to really throw a wrench into the works.  Contestants on her show will be competing for the title of sexiest man alive, a large cash prize, and the role of master to the harem.  How best to shake things up in the vampire community?  Cast five contestants that are mortal! 

When Sean Whelan, the leader of the CIA faction the Stake Out team, discovers this news he immediately orders his two male agents to audition for the show.  At the audition Darcy meet Austin Erickson, the embodiment of her male fantasy.  The attraction and chemistry is instant.  She knows he is human, but he does not realize she is a vampire, the evil scourge that he is fighting against.  Madcap folly ensues.

I found this book to be a fun, light read.  I would catagorize it along with paranormals written by Lynsay Sands and Katie McAllister.  Fluffy and fun, but not a whole lot to sink your teeth into.  While I was reading it I was engaged in the story.  When I put the book down I could completely forget about it and go days without picking it up again.    I'm not saying it was bad or boring or anything negative.  I think that my tastes are evolving.  Books like this one used to be my go-to for an entertaining read.  I want more intensity and eroticism in a paranormal these days. 

Things that I liked:  The plot with the reality television show.  It was silly and fun.  I enjoyed how the women of the harem grew as individuals during that time.  I particularly liked the fact that Darcy hated being a vamp. It made me happy to read about a character who wanted more out of life than what they were allowing her to have.  She was a victim, but she was working to change the status quo.  Her friendship with Gregori was sweet.  He was so protective of her.

Things I did not care for:  From the first mention of it, I knew exactly what was going to happen at the end.  There was very little mystery.  The end felt a little to pat and perfect.  It was a little too fairy tale, wave a magic wand and all is better.  That being said, it definitely gave me the HEA I demand in a romance.

Overall:  It was a cute book.  I think it would be a good paranormal romance to give to someone who is new to the (sub)genre, or even new to romance.  The heat was about moderate, the action was relatively tame.  A boy-meets-girl-but-thinks-he-can't-have-girl story.  Not fabulous, not horrible.  A decent middle ground book.  I think the best word to describe it is inoffensive.  It won't send you into raptures, but you aren't going to throw it against the wall. 


Tracy said...

This is a cute series but you're right, not a whole lot to sink your teeth into. I think a couple of the other books in the series were much better than this one. Have you read them?

Shannon said...

I have read the first book and was underwhelmed. I thought the title was terribly misleading (although that is likely not the authors fault.) It was ok, but nothing fabulous. I actually thought VitC was a bit better. I have The Undead Next Door in my TBR pile, so will read that eventually. I think I got a bit burned out on paranormals. Wait, not really burned out, but in need of a book from another subgenre to cleanse my reading palette. Also, after reading Pleasure Unbound I think these books were just going to pale in comparison.

Tracy said...

Yes, I can see how they would pale after Pleasure Unbound. Although the later ones are better I'd stick with Sands and McAlister if I were you. These are cute but not a MUST read.

naida said...

this sounds like a good series.
I know what you mean about wanting more intensity from a book.
great review!