Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pick your predator

In continuation of my Halloween theme I have a question for you today.

As you may have figured out by my recent posts, I have a thing for vampires. If you write a book with a main character (especially the hero) as a vampire, I am yours. Truly. I have read some really not great books simply because there were vamps in it. Werewolves? I like 'em, but I can pass on their story. Demons and angels? I have only recently started to read those. I blame Meljean for this. Until I read Demon Angel I had no desire to read a sexy scene the included a woman with horns or a man with a tail. Lilith has ruined me.

But I will still pick a vamps over these other paranormal creatures any day of the week. Vampire Urban Fantasy? Yup! Vampire historical romance? You bet! Vampire contemporary? Absolutely! I just love vamps. Why is that, you ask? I think it is the versatility of the vamp mythos. Each author has created their own world. Sometimes vamps are the walking undead. Other authors have their vamps originate from Atlantis or even an alien race. It might be a virus that has infected the vamp or they are simply another race living amongst humans. Some can walk in the sun with ill effects, while others will incinerate upon UV contact. Vamps in certain mythos drink blood from bags (blood banks). There are almost always laws dictating the acceptable behavior of vamps living along side humans. There are politics, societal norms, and the illicit love they feel for the woman or man who is not one of their own kind. These vamps are strong, passionate, possessive, determined, haunted, damaged, gorgeous (of course), tortured, primal, demanding... Alpha in every sense of the word. And damn if I don't love it.

How about you? Are you a fellow vamp lover or does another otherworldly being get your knickers in a twist? What is it about them that sucks you in every time?


Katiebabs said...

It always comes down to the vampires for me. Perhaps because they are the closest to a human as you can get?
I also have been interest in demons lately, but I definitely don't find the appeal of werewolf sex.

Stacy~ said...

Vamps, totally. Thanx to Kenyon, who made me see the light and proved that vampires could be hot 'n sexy instead of cold and undead. I see why many would think wolves and tigers (& other feline creatures) might be all alpha & sexy, but I'm not quite convinced. I keep thinking fleas and mangy fur.

Btw, LOVE the new look. Gerry's so pretty...

Shannon said...

KB- You know, now that you mention it, I think I have only read one werewolf romance. It was decent, but it was no vamp story. Mostly I like werewolfs as secondary characters or in UF (the Mercy Thompson series.)

Stacy- Thanks! I spent WAY too much time playing around with that header this morning. I had a number of unsuccessful attempts. I am rather pleased with the final result.

Katiebabs said...

Donna Boyd wrote a wonderful book called The Passion about werewolves that I loved. One of my favorite books of all time.

Tracy said...

Oh I think I'm an equal opportunity predator lover: I love vamps and shifters the same.

LOVE the new header!

KB - thanks for the heads up about that book - I'm on it!

Kara said...

It comes down to vamps for me!! I love shifters, but vamps are what gets my knickers in a twist!!!