Sunday, April 15, 2012

Please ignore this. I am being a (non-bookish) geek.

So on our trip down the coast I was able to relax and refresh myself. The ocean has amazing healing properties.  I was able to read a little bit, enjoy a cup or two or tea, soak in the Victorian ambiance of the B&B in which we stayed, and poked through gift shops and antique stores. 

I was able to feed my inner geek at one antique store in particular.  You see, I have been either knitting or crocheting for at least the past 10 years.  I started recycling and dying yarn about two years ago.  I have been itching to learn how to spin my own yarn.  Yes, big yarn dork.  Anyhow, I was going to start with a simple, and inexpensive, drop spindle.  It looks like an old spinning top.  One of those kids' toys.  I figured it would be a cheaper and simpler way to get my toes wet and see if I even like spinning my own yarn. 

And then we walked through the antique shop.

There was a spinning wheel.  Beautiful, reasonably priced, antique.  I fell in love. It is the dream to own one. Now I do.  I caved like a souffle and bought it.  It is missing a few parts that are pretty important, but I think I can jury-rig replacement parts for the time being.  Some day I will want to get the whole thing overhauled and real replacement parts made, but it will be pricey and I want to learn to spin first.  If I love it then the investment will be worth it. 

So here she is. My antique spinning wheel.  The final sign to herald in my utter dorkdom.


naida said...

How neat! Enjoy that spinning wheel!

little alys said...

OMG, that is so cool! (Let me join you in this awesome dorky world).

I've actually been trying to find a spinning wheel for ages! Then again, I am also looking for a loom and printing press. Did I mention I’ve been trying to learn how to can? Not quite working since I’m learning on my own. -_-

Oh, oh! If you want to talk about different natural dyes, I’m so there! The awesome thing about learning gardening, I’m learning about the different plant products to produce natural dyes. :) Haven’t tried any of it on actual clothing, but it sounds so cool.

Christine said...

WOW! Congratulations! Now be careful not to prick your finger... we all know how THAT turned out.

tee hee. I couldn't resist! ;)

I'd love to hear more about recycling and dying yarn. With pictures!

Shannon said...

Little alys- Have you been on the website It is a great yarn centric community. I have found tons of info about spinning wheels on there. I think many people have found their wheels listed on Craig's List. As for canning, you can absolutely do it. I started doing it about a year and a half ago in my itty bitty NYC kitchen. I plan to do it again this summer.

Nadia- thanks!

Christine- hah! The funny thing is, while researching my wheel I found out that Sleeping Beauty, because of the time period from which the story originated, would not have had an actual spinning wheel. She would have had a drop spindle which is much smaller . It looks like a child's spinning top (toy.) More "modern" artists took captive license and changed it to a wheel. Sorry, I got all teachery for a moment.

Nicola O. said...

LOL, I love that you titled this post "Please ignore this." Of course I could not.

Christine, you made me chuckle too.

I do have another friend who spins. I have gone through a lot of crafty phases and I think sometime I'd like to try weaving, but generally the yarn crafts have not pulled me in. Have fun with your new toy!

Nadine Lee said...

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Jon Goldenberg said...

I got a great spinning wheel from a company in Idaho that I use weekly. It has added to my business. sober coach

Allison Trotta said...

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Allison Kester said...

Christine, that was too funny! I guess only pricks spin wheels. african mango plus reviews