Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wooo! and Hoooo!!!

School's out! School's out! The monkeys let the teachers out!!!

And it is about damn time! My poor blog has been getting no love. That will all change, my friends. Not just yet, but soon. I have a bunch of books to review and book related stories to share and book related visitors coming into town. Yay! For now, though, I am chillin out at my Alma Mater. As soon as school let out I skipped town. I headed south on Rt 57 and am at the good old University of Illinois. I'm here visiting my "friend who is a boy" ;) so I won't be around the blogosphere much. I'll be back soon!

Now I must get ready and head out to the airport. He is at this very moment flying an airplane. eek! I need to get my butt in gear and head out there so he can give me the grand tour. This could be considered research. A book with a hero that flies planes... interesting, vedy vedy interesting.


Christine said...

LOL Happy Summer to you Shannon!

And hope your research at U. Illinois goes vedy vedy well. :)

Shannon said...


The trip was great. Far too short, but then again, I think I could have been there for a week and still would have felt it was too short. Long distance sucks.

The research was cool! I got to sit in the air planes and he explained what all the controls were. So much info, my brain almost melted. And just seeing him was fabu :)

nath said...

Yay on school being over!!! Enjoy the time, because I sure miss it! LOL :)