Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh noes...part 2!

I just returned home from a lovely day of sight seeing in Chicago with none other that Ciara! We bummed around downtown wandering through Millennium Park, the Harold Washington Library, and made a stop at Garrett's popcorn. Best popcorn EVER. mmmmm.

After stopping for lunch at the amazing Chicago Diner (vegetarian mecca of Chicago), we headed up to the fabulous Kate the Great's Used Books. Yes, I returned to the scene for my recent book buying crimes. Houston, we now have a problem. The TBR pile has hit critical mass. I HAVE to stop buying books!!! (As I told Ciara, it is a damn good thing I am not married and I live alone. I still have to figure out how to inform The Boy of my reading habits. I guess I have until August when he moves home...)

More damage was done, to the tune of:

1) The Right Choice by Carly Phillips (as Karen Drogin)

2) Blood Red by Heather Graham

3) The Seance by Heather Graham (I am on a HG buying spree)

4) The Black Rose by Christina Skye (It cost only $1.12 and I could not say no to the horribulous cover art. Oh, I feel some cover wank coming on!)

5) Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks

6) Sabriel by Garth Nix (I love this book. I just needed a copy for my own bookcase.)

7) Thigh High by Christina Dodd

8) The Blood Books, Vol. 1 (Blood Price & Blood Trail) by Tanya Huff

Someone needs to stop me!!! The worst part is that I now have the info about their other store location. It is out in the burbs, but they will purchase boxes of books for credit or cash. Sweet! I think I will be making a trip out there soon to unload some of these excess books I will never read. Leigh Greenwood? Goodbye!!


Katie(babs) said...

That cover is all about the dude's shoulder.
"Rose, my love! Sniff my manly shoulder and I will bring you to the heights of ecstasy!! MUWAHAHAAAA."

Ciara said...

I had fun!!! If you ever come to Seatown we'll check out Epilogue together. Soooo many good finds. :)

Sarai said...

So I um have the same problem! we should start a BBA Book buying... can you guess what the A stands for?

Carolyn Jean said...

Excellent! You have a new bookstore! Still sucks about the other, though!

Christine said...

So cool that you and Ciara got to hang out together!!! :)

I love Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy!!