Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tag! You're it!

I was tagged for this book meme, so here I go. Turning to page 123. Finding sentence number 5...

"Well, even now, with the proper knife, I think I could hit that bird one time in ten, if I wished to eat finches, which I do not."

Huh. I'll be interested to see what is going on in the story when I reach that point. Any guesses as to what book it is from?

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to tag someone. How about this, if you have not been tagged and wish to join in on the fun...TAG!


MaryKate said...

Shannon, what book is that?

Shannon said...

The Spymaster's Lady :)

I am FINALLY reading it. I know, I know... last to the party.

Christine said...

I love The Spymaster's Lady! Annique is awesome... kinda sweet, clever and kick ass at the same time!

Nicola O. said...

123 page, 5th sentence:

"I probably am."

Aymless said...

uh... As the dictionary is the closest book to me: Page 123, entry #5:

chipped beef: n., Dried beef smoked and sliced very thin.

Hmm... interesting. Kinda goes with the theme here.