Friday, April 4, 2008

Gotta try the new toys

I am a sucker for gadgets. Kitchen gadgets, musical gadgets, technology gadgets. Any of it is fun for me. Never have you seen someone derive so much delight from opening up a Christmas gift to discover the Rabbit wine bottle opener. Oh the rapture! I don't drink that much wine. Seriously! I just think the bottle opener is so damn cool it is enough of an excuse to uncork a new bottle. Anyhow, I love romance, and what is more romantic than a glass of wine reflecting the flickering candle light as I read about my favorite Alpha male heroes doing dirty, dangerous deeds?

So today when I logged into blogger I noticed something new. It has probably been there for quite a while, but I have been distracted by my ever growing TBR list. Seriously, the thing is multiplying like bunnies! They were reminding users to try out "blogger draft." Hmm, how could this possibly be better than the version I already use? Oh, it is. So very much cooler. Why? They test run their new gadgets (or features) on blogger draft. Check out my sidebar, thar be new things!

I have a poll! My first ever. So simple to create. Fill it out, fill it out!!!!!

I have a new blog/link list. This one lists them in order of the most recent update. How great is that? Now all I have to do is peek at my blog roll to see if anyone has posted something new since I was last online. Spectacular! (Yes, I am lazy. Yes, I know I could try an RSS feed. This just seems way cooler to me.)

So now I am all jazzed up about my new features. My new gadgets. Try them out, they're fun. I need to get reading. I swear that TBR list has grown since I first started typing this post! Good god, I think it is taking over my family room. I hear rumors that there are plans for westward expansion. They have their beady little book eyes on my bedroom and kitchen. I must shore up my defenses and halt the imminent invasion! I must have strength. I must defend my territory. I must read!


Kristie (J) said...

OK - I voted and I love your other updating widget!! Where did you find them? I like your poll layout much better than mine.

Shannon said...

kristie(j)- When you log into blogger go to This is a slightly different version in which you can access features that they are test running. I love it!

Christine said...

I just logged onto draft blogger yesterday to try out that updating widget.... I kinda got too lazy to try it out. Very cool, though!

I love kitchen gadgets, too. My favorite is a cherry pitter that I bought at Williams Sonoma years ago when my first was a toddler and loved cherries but I obviously couldn't give them to her with the pit in them, so spent so much time cutting them and pitting them with a little paring knife. That cherry pitter was a lifesaver. I still use it all the time. And it works on olives, too! :)