Friday, February 27, 2009

Reader's Block

If there is such a thing as Reader's Block, i haz it. This isn't a reading slump. I want to read. I have books tempting me to read. I just can't get into the book that I need to finish. I have to read this book, but every time I pick it up I can only get through a few pages before I am either falling asleep or get distracted. Ooh, shiny!!! (Raccoon syndrome strikes again!)

It is my turn on the Windflower tour. It is long past my turn and starting to get ridiculous. I have been trying to read the book for the past week and am only on page 46. 46!!!! That's pathetic! I could blame it on the fact that I had grades due today, but that really isn't it. Poor Merry hasn't even been kidnapped yet and my attention is wandering.

I hang my head in shame. Epic Fail. I am going to give it a go again tonight. Think of me, my friends. Send me your good reading juju. The Windflower shall not get stranded in Chicago. I will beat this book! I will shake off the Reader's Block. Oh God, please tell me I can do it!

How have you powered through a case of Reader's Block? Helpful hints and suggestions are needed!


Aymless said...

Maybe it's a sign that its a DNF for you.

On the other hand, maybe you just not in the mood for that kind of book. That one's hard to get around especially when it has a time line you have to meet. Sometimes it helps me to pick up a book I liked in the same genre... to get me in the mood, but doesn't always work. You just want what you want and there is no getting around it.

Good luck! And hopefully Happy reading.

Shannon said...

I made it to page 119!!! I think I am finally getting into the story. Keep your fingers crossed!

Kati said...

Shannon - The story hasn't worked for a lot of readers, so it might be that it's just not going to work for you.

But good luck! I hope you enjoy it.

Stacy said...

Well you're making progress. That's a good thing. With the chilly weather I hope that's tempting you to stay indoors and finish reading it. I liked "The Windflower" a lot.

Tracy said...

Maybe read another book and then come back to it? Or maybe like Aymless said it might be a DNF for you. Go witht he flow and don't beat yourself up. :)

Sarai said...

I use to struggle with the DNF now I just accept there are hundreds of good books out there if you can't get through one its not that big of a deal it just didn't work for you! I hope you make it thorugh!