Saturday, February 14, 2009

Embracing the day

As readers of romance, we embrace on a daily basis those things that today represents: love, caring, passion, romance, devotion. We seek out and infuse our lives with these qualities every time we pick up a book. Through reading, we give our selves a chance, whether we are single or coupled, to experience the joys and agonies of love. It is so easy to turn a page and dive into a relationship. It is safe to encounter the heartache, misunderstandings, danger, exhilaration, passion, longing, anger, hope, and contentment two people can find together when it is printed on paper. If it becomes too much you can mark your page and set down the book while you take a chocolate break.

Life isn't that easy. Life is messy. And scary. And amazing.

Love in real life does not always guarantee a HEA. That is part of the thrill, part of the fear. Could this person be the one? You don't know at the beginning. You have to take that risk and put yourself (and your heart) on the line. There are no standardized tests to administer that will result in conclusive evidence. There is no set pattern of behaviors that are indicative of a HEA in life. Each person is different, so each relationship will be, too. And isn't that a wonderful, amazing thing? One relationship can be passionate and tumultuous. The next might be sweet and gentle. There are those individuals who you connect with over shared interests, while you are draw to another person who is wildly opposite from yourself. Friends, family, distance, work can all factor in to complicate the equation. It's messy and it's real, and it can be absolutely freakin' amazing. Or the most frighteningly unsure moments of your life.

This is the beauty of the romance novel. All of that scary craziness in a controlled setting. Are you looking for a whirlwind romance to push your erotic boundaries? There is one out there waiting to be read. Do you want the chance to answer the question "what if" regarding someone from your past? Have I got recommendations for you! Do you want a shot a happiness with someone who will take charge and sweep you along? Alpha heroes abound. Perhaps you want to completely escape the reality in which you live. Open up one of the thousands of ParaRom flooding the market. Or what if you desire the kind of romance that makes your heart jump with just a brush of the hand or a longing look? The stiff upper lip, stoic hero has been alluring readers for centuries.

Whatever it is you are longing for, there is a book for you. So whether you are a singleton celebrating your fabulously independent self today, or are coupled up with someone special, treat yourself to the kind of romance you most desire. I am going to enjoy some unrequited longing, what are you going to indulge in?


Katie Reus said...

I'll be spending mine with my husband. I like this day b/c people seem to be in better moods (maybe it's my imagination), but the man is romantic all year so this day isn't that spectacular :)

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a good one :)

naida said...

I loved that scene from Grays.
great post!