Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lamb: Let's discuss!

I know, I know, I'm late. And that is news how? That fact that I was born a day before my due date was a complete fluke. Punctuality is overrated, I say!

OK, so on to the book!

I hope you all read Lamb. Am I the only one? Hellooooooo!

So let's discuss:

What did you think?
Were you offended by this book in any way?
Did this book make you consider Jesus in a different way?
Did you find Lamb to be fairly true to the Bible as you know it?
Were there any characters or events that spoke to you? Do you have a different appreciation for them/it after reading Lamb?

I hope you had fun reading this book. I know I did!

1 comment:

Thea said...

I've only read some of this book so I can't really participate. Of what I have read, I find it absolutely hilarious and made of awesome! Then again, I'm an atheist, so...I'd be interested to see what others think about it.