Sunday, November 9, 2008

Writing soundtrack

I've seen it mentioned numerous times and by numerous writers: the writing soundtrack. I didn't really get it at first. Being a music teacher, when I hear music I am conditioned to listen. I can't tune it out. I have found music to be a hindrance rather than a help when trying to write.

This has all changed.

I don't know if it is the particular story that I am writing, but this puppy has a list of songs that is continuing to grow. It all started as I completed the first chapter. By the end of it I knew my H/h theme song: Bleeding Love. Yup, this is one angsty couple. As the words have been flowing, so have the song ideas.

For those interested, here is what the ever growing list currently contains:

Bleeding Love/ Leona Lewis
Taking Chances/ Celine Dion
Look After You/ The Fray
What's Left of Me/ Nick Lachey
Almost Lovers/ A Fine Frenzy
Apologize/ Timaland & One Republic
Dancing/ Elisa
Fix You/ Coldplay
Dreaming With a Broken Heart/ John Mayer
Feeling Good/ Michael Buble
Gravity/ Sara Bareilles
Lost Without You/ Robin Thicke
Love Song/ 311

Yeah. Super emo. But it fits for the story. With the music going, the words are flowing. I am currently 17,667 words and 55 pages into this bad boy (just since Nov. 1st Woohoo, NaNoWriMo!) My other WIP was going alright, but this one has a momentum that is simply stunning. I am just holding on for the ride. Hopefully I survive. Hopefully it doesn't suck. Let me tell you, it is putting me through the ringer emotionally. Sometimes writing what you know is not an easy thing.

UPDATE: 20,253 words!!! More than I have ever written on one story ever!


Carolyn Jean said...

Cool, Shannon! What great progress!

Shannon said...

Thanks, CJ. It is really killing me today. The words are coming fast and furious (when I am not playing on the Internet), but I feel like I am way overly invested in the characters. It's good and bad. Or maybe I am just emo today. Eh?

Stacy~ said...

Amazing progress Shannon, and I love how your soundtrack seems to be moving you along quickly. Just remember, you can go back and edit, but for mow, write, write, write!

Shannon said...

Stacy- Thanks! I really don't want to jinx it! This is crazy. I finally stapped writing about a half hour or an hour ago. I have to do some thinking about where it is all going to go next, but I'm pretty happy right now.