Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Writerly things

Last night I attended my second RWA chapter meeting. I have to say it is tons of fun and great seeing other folks who are working at the same goal as me (some far more successfully.) I am starting to wonder if God/Fate/the GoogleMap wizards don't want me to attend. This was my second meeting and the second time I have gotten lost. Oy. But I digress.

The Chicago North group is a critique heavy chapter. Members read excerpts from their current projects aloud and the other give feedback and suggestions. I can see why so many of the Chicago North writers are published. Having that many individuals provide feedback (in the nicest possible way) would be amazingly helpful. Not that I am jumping at the chance to be in the spotlight. There is a waiting period for new members to share, but I would completely freak out. ZOMG!

One of the things they did last night was to have the published writers in the group read from their contracted work. I have to say, I was impressed and now have titles to add to me TBE pile. A couple that really stuck out in my mind were...

Title: What a Scoundrel Wants
Author: Carrie Lofty
The quick and dirty: Will Scarlet. Need I say more?
Seriously, you all need to purchase this book. I will be released the first week of December. Christmas present to self, anyone? Her language and descriptions were fabulous. "flacid corpse" Ew!!!
Title: The Brass Bed
Author: Jennifer Stevenon
Why should you read it?: There is magic and pigeons that smoke cigarettes. Also, the author is on the local roller derby team. How cool (and slightly scary) is that?
Title: Girl of My Dreams
Author: Morgan Mandel
Plot device: Boss/secretary. Add in a Bachelor type reality show and highjinx will ensue. It is also an ugly duckling story. I'm a sucker for both.
There were a few more and others will be reading from their published work next time. Apparenty, the chapter has something like a 46% publication rate. Amazing.
If I ever want to be one of the folks reading aloud at a meeting I need to get cracking here. This darn book isn't going to write itself. I need to get 2000-4000 words written today. No school means butt in chair, fingers on keyboard. I just need to figure out what my hero is going to do when he turns around and sees the heroine staring at his naked, sweaty chest... "we're just friends, really!"


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

You are so kicking ass on your word count for NaNo! I is all types of envy.

little alys said...

Stop tempting me with books while I'm filled with wordcount envy. ;p

Shannon said...

:D Thanks ladies. KB, you are't doing bad, yourself!

alys- I am using these books as initiative. Once I "win" NaNo I will treat myself to some new reads (Lord knows I'm not getting any reading done in November!) Oh, what is your NaNo name? I want to add you to my buddies.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am still a bit confused on how you win? I understand you have to get to 50k but then what?
My story is so out there, I am not sure if it is any good.

Shannon said...

Oh wait, I found you!

KB- From what I understand, anyone who meets the 50,000 word goal "wins". That's about it.

Wait! Our writing has to be good? Well, shit.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I found you a long time ago! LOL
I am doing fine in the quantity department. As for quality... ??

Shannon said...

KB- I had you on my buddies for a while. Alys, on the other hand...

I am starting to think I am too much in love with my hero. He may not be realistic. Ok, I know he isn't. Crap. Ah well, that is what December is for. Editing, changes, destroying the characters you love.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am trying to decide on happy ever after ending or a really disturbing upsetting one. heh heh.

Shannon said...

No Katie, No!! Don't go there!

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, hey, fun! I wish my RWA chapter met at night, but they meet on Saturday mornings! Screw that, that's like prime writing time. For me, at least. Those books sound great.

little alys said...

Shannon, I added you already. It's under my penname "yiyun." >_< See the pic? With the dog?
I vote for happy endings.

CJ- My prime time is evenings, but even so, Sat. morn for meetings...ehhhh...O_o

Shannon said...

Alys- I found ya! We are all buddied up now.

ZOMG! I wrote 4600 words today!!!!

Sarai said...

Good job going to the second meeting I'm glad it is working out. And I 2nd what Katie said nice on the word count. RL is interfering and I find myself at a loss when it comes to saying no.
Can't wait to see what you come up with LOL!

Tracy said...

Shannon I've heard good things about the Lofty book.

I've looked at those J. Stevenson books many times and have never bought them. I guess I was missing out! :)