Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Book Challenge? I accept!

Our lovely friend Sarai posted the other day about a book challenge that she has decided to take on. It is the Ban On Spending Book Challenge. Yep, that's right. No spending money on books until your list is finished. Since I have a seriously book buying problem (nine books in the last week!) this is going to be a MAJOR challenge for me. I need to save some money, so this comes along at the perfect time. Here are the rules:

Guidelines for the 2008 Ban on Spending Book Challenge:

1. No purchasing books for yourself until all the books listed are gone. No purchasing books for other people with the intention of reading them after they are finished. Library or other borrowed books can’t be listed.

2. Any books won in a raffle or given to me as a gift will be added to this list.

3. Books to be reviewed for promo companies, other blogs, authors, etc. do not count and are not added to this list.

4. Start anytime and list as many or as few books as needed. Once all books are checked off from the list, the ban is lifted and the spending can begin again.

5. The ending date for each person can vary to a few weeks or months as long as it doesn’t exceed December 31, 2008. This ban can be lifted earlier if all books listed have been read or donated.
6. If you don't have a blog and would like to still join, list your books in the comment section below.

I sense a little loop hole of sorts. Since I would not be spending money on the book, I can still borrow them from the library. That will help if I get burned out on paranormal romances. I seem to have a TON of them. Although, really, how could I get sick of romantic vamps and shape shifters? I do need to cheat just a slight little bit. Maybe I won't say cheat, perhaps I will just say that I start the challenge on Sunday. See, Elizabeth Hoyt is doing a signing in the area on Saturday. It would be very unclassy if I did not buy one of her books at the signing. Just saying. So I will include the book from the signing on my list. Look to the sidebar to track my progress and help me keep on top of this.


Aymless said...

You are a much braver and controlled woman than I. I'm giving the challenge a thought, but not sure I will be able to resist books that are coming out later this year.

naida said...

good luck! i've joined as well :)
I agree, it would be very unclassy if you didnt buy a Elizabeth Hoyt book at the book signing...lol!

Shannon said...

aymless- my goal is to read VERY quickly so I don't have to wait too long. :)

naida- I figured I could bring a book I already own for her to sign, but it is going to be at an independent book store. I have to support the little stores!

Melinda Seckington said...

I accept the challenge! I've seriously needed some motivation for some time now, not to spend any more money on books. This is just perfect.