Monday, July 21, 2008

Making a Mr. Perfect list

Those of you who joined in the book club and read Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard (or had previously read it) you know that all of Jaine's problem began after she and her girlfriends created a list of the qualities essential in the perfect man. The List. For the most part I think those ladies got it right.  But really, it just wouldn't be as fun if we didn't put our own twist on it. 

So what do you say ladies?  What items, qualities, requirements should we add to our very own Mr. Perfect list?  And be honest, it's much more fun that way ;)


barb said...

I, uh, think you've done just fine with that picture ^ up there.

Except he needs to be straight - aren't most beefcake models gay? ;-)

*goes back to gazing at abs*

Marg said...

I wouldn't mind starting with someone who looked like that!

Other than that, have to go with someone who can make me laugh!

Bridget Locke said...

Hmmm...excellent question. Every woman has different ideas of the "perfect" man. I'll give you a list of mine. :)

Tall (i.e. over 6'3"). I'm 6'1" and I like being able to look up at my man. Doesn't happen anywhere near as often as I'd like. *sigh*

Funny: Not stupid funny, but someone who can make me laugh. That is extremely important.

Intelligent: That's a given



Has to be willing to have his own hobbies. I do NOT want a man who constantly hovers. I hate that. :(

Physically attractive: Doesn't have to be a super hottie, but I have to think he's cute. :)

Interesting: No boring guys for me. Has to have fun hobbies or something. Something he's passionate about.

Last but not least: Really, really good in bed. he-he

Kristie (J) said...

OK - here are some of mine
The ability to make me laugh is pretty high up on my list

Easygoing. I'm ready for that type

Is really 'into' me - puts me high on his priority list

Shoulders - has a good set of shoulders.

Doesn't have to be rich, but a steady worker

Is a reader himself - and gets a kick out of the fact I read romanc.

Wouldn't mind acting out some of said scenes.
And in keeping with the theme of the book where they get raunchy near the end....
Willing to spend bed

Katie(babs) said...

A nice smile and a great sense of humor.
And some nice strong arms wouldn't hurt.

Sarai said...

Wow this is way tooo soon for me but I'll give it a whirl: (pardon if it comes acrossed bitter)

1. Humor (for the LOVE of God focus on making me laugh I can not be the happy one)
2. Speaking of happy I need someone who is positive about life. You can be down but not all the time.
3. Someone who puts me first (not his stupid friends)
4. Someone who wants to spend time with me even when I am just hanging out at home.
5. Easygoing (someone who doesn't have to know every detail of where we're going just that we are going somewhere)
6. Someone who thinks my "little" bits of flab are cute
7. Someone who simply loves me for me and doesn't want to change me.
8. And I agree with Kristie he needs to be able to play in bed for long periods of time *g*

caitlin said...

I definitely agree with the idea of a man having a hobby or something to occupy his time(besides work and me.) I've known too many guys who go home from work, grab a beer (and another and another,etc.) because they have nothing to do after their workday is finished.
I also need a hairy chest I can snuggle up to. I can be slick & shiny, but I gotta have me some fur to grab!

Christine said...

I think that Jaine and her friends came up with a pretty solid list. I like Bridget's requirements that he should be intelligent and articulate. They kind of go hand in hand. I'll elaborate on that and say Mr. Perfect should have street smarts. Yeah... common sense would be a good thing, too. ;)

Interesting that so many of you list that he has to have his own hobbies and interests. I agree 100%. BUT.... I also think that Mr. Perfect should also show some interest in my hobbies. He should at least have some base level knowledge of whatever I'm into... and be cheerfully willing to partake in some of those activities with me. And I with him as well. I think that reciprocity is really important. Did that make sense?

caitlin said...

Christine, that makes sense to me. He definitely should be aware about my interests, and if he shares that interest, all the better!