Friday, March 21, 2008

A sure thing

We all have our go-to authors. Those gals (and guys!) who we know, without even cracking the spine, have provided us with another surefire, fun book to read. These are the authors who tempt us to make yet another book purchase despite the 50+ titles in our TBR pile. It is because of them that we shell out over $20 for a hardcover edition instead of waiting for the paperback release. They leave us broke, but endlessly entertained. We do not loan out their books, for the risk of never getting them back is far too great. Authors of this ranking inspire us to read more and even, in the dark of night, to contemplate putting pens to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to create our own stories. Sadly, they are often the ones who keep us from writing by commandeering our time devouring their works.

This list of authors is personal. Each reader has their own literary idols. Personal taste, style and exposure help to shape that in each one of us. Because we are ever evolving and adapting to our worlds, our lists are not concrete, but fluid and changing. Each new book we read holds the potential to point us in a new direction. Who wrote this? I must read more!
I could never rank my authors, putting one above another. My reading preference for the moment is influenced by mood and surroundings. One day I may yearn for action and adventure, a week later unknown worlds and creatures. My list is a loose corral of scribes who I read in turn, each stepping to the head of the class as my mood permits. Who is on this list you ask?

Lisa Kleypas
Garth Nix
Patricia Briggs
Suzanne Brockmann
Julia Quinn
Lori Foster
Linsay Sands
Chritina Skye
Tara Janzen
Shanna Swendson

That is my 10. There are so many more. Names that are eluding my grasp at the moment. Names that will rotate in someday soon because I read another of their books and could not put it down. Names I do not know yet because I have not had the pleasure of reading their work.

That is my 10. Who are yours?


Kristie (J) said...

Well hello there Shannon - and welcome to the world of blogging. I love finding others out there like me - 'tis a happy day!
As for my sure thing authors - hmmm let's see my list would be:
Lisa Kleypas *g*
JD Robb (but oddly enough not Nora Roberts)
Susan Anderson
Pamela Clare
Elizabeth Hoyt (although she is fairly new - I have loved her historicals as well as her comtemporary)
Cheryl St. John
Jane Graves
Linda Howard
Jo Goodman
Anne Stuart
None of the above authors have written a book that I haven't enjoyed to one degree or another. Although I have a lot more autobuy authors than these of course, the ones I listed I've found are the most consistent in me liking them

Shannon said...

oooh! So many of those names are new to me. I will have to add them to my library list.

It's bad, I started this blog with an idea about shortening my TBR list. The reality is that the darn list has doubled in the past week! At least I know I am not the only crazy reader out there.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - Just wait until you really get into it *huge grin* Your TBR pile will double, triple, quadruple etc. etc. etc. We are all here to share the love of romance books - and there are just so many out there!

Dev said...

Hi Shannon. My sure thing authors would have to be:

Lisa Kleypas
Julia Quinn
Sandra Brown (her backlist, not her new stuff)
Suzanne Enoch
Nora Roberts
Elizabeth Hoyt
Linda Howard
Janet Evanovich
Sherrilyn Kenyon (although I still haven't read the last 3 books she's written)
Susan Wiggs

I'm sure there are several others. I used to love Debbie Macomber, Barbara Delinsky, and Johanna Lindsey but not so much anymore.

Sarai said...

Okay 10 authors that are go to's let me see:
1. Lara Adrian
2. Lisa Kleypas
3. Laura Lee Guhrke (seeing a pattern with the L people)
4. Michelle Pillow love the fanasty and world building
5. Christina Dodd
6. Juliet Landon
7. Sherrilyn Kenyon
8. Roxanne St. Claire
9. Julia Quinn
10. Katie MacAlister
There are a few more but they are mainly new to the circuit and only have 1 or 2 books out but hope over at my blog on the right hand side and you will see my auto buys. At the bottom I listed some authors I suggest reading

Christine said...

I think I have way too many authors on my auto buy author list. The list is continuously evolving. But right now the following are my most favorite authors:

1. Meljean Brook
2. Nalini Singh
3. Lara Adrian
4. J.R. Ward
5. J.D. Robb
6. Kresley Cole

Can you tell I'm a paranormal fan? ;)

And very funny about thinking that by starting a reading blog you'd shorten your TBR pile! ha ha... no such luck.