Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Dream a Dream

I have this coworker with whom I like to chat.  She teaches the after school program for our 4th graders, a rambunctious group, if ever there was one.  She and I are both major foodies. Many a conversation has centered around a new restaurant we tried or recipes on the docket for that evening's meal.

I realized yesterday that we have passed into true "work friends" territory when our conversation turned to movies and the actors who, well, just do it for us.  She admitted to not understanding the appeal of Christian Bale, but finally "getting it" in regards to Brad Pitt when she watched Troy.  I admitted my unaccountable crush on Edward Norton.

I can't fully account for all of the twist and turns in the conversation, but I do remember that we touched on one of our favorite 80's shows, Beauty and the Beast.  Ron Perlman in make up strangely holds more appeal than when he is out of make up.  Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show (creepy!) lead us to a discussion of more men and musicals we loved.  How we went from Tim Curry to Hugh Jackman is still a bit of a mystery.

At the top of my list of favorite musicals is Les Miserables.  As some of you may know, it is FINALLY being made into a movie musical.  I can not express the level of glee I had upon this discovery. Seriously.  I then started to hear news of casting.  Ah, yes.  This is how we got to this part of the conversation.  Hugh Jackman is set to play Jean Val Jean. I am pleased with this bit of casting. He is lovely and has plenty of Broadway experience.  Javert is going to be portrayed by Russell Crowe.  I am going to reserve judgement on this news.  We shall see.

For a while I was livid.  LIVID, I say.  Why?  Well, early casting announcements included Taylor Swift as Eponine.  She is sweet and all.  I don't mind my students listening to her inoffensive lyrics. I just don't want her playing my favorite character in my favorite musical.  Just... no.  Thankfully, producer Cameron Macintosh stepped in a vetoed that idea. New casting was announced and the villagers rejoiced.  I shall endure Anne Hathaway as Fontine and find rabid enjoyment over Helena Bohnem Carter as Madame Thenardier.

To prepare myself for the musical joys that await us all I snagged myself a copy of the 25th anniversary concert performance of Les Mis. It is SO wonderful.  Well, if you ignore Nick Jonas.  Otherwise it is phenomenal. Lea Salonga sang I Dream a Dream in such a way that even my boyfriend (sweet, patient man) was impressed with the performance.  So for your listening/viewing enjoyment, I give you Les Mis.


lisabea said...

So excited about Russell Crowe in Les Mis, I could just pop.

Shannon said...

Hah. I know a lot of people share your enthusiasm over Russell Crowe. I have this irrational dislike of him. No good explanation, really. It has lessened recently. Perhaps his Javert will win me over.

naida said...

Oh how I adore Hugh Jackman. I havent seen Les yet though. I know I am missing out! Can't wait for the movie, the casting sounds pretty good. Awesome about Russell Crowe being cast.