Saturday, December 6, 2008


Chicago, IL

It has been reported that local music teacher and avid bibliophile Shannon M- has been reported missing.  A regular visitor at book blogs and local tea shops, her presence has dwindled to non-existence in the past month.  Concern has been expressed over her whereabouts. 

One individual, who chose to remain annonymous, said tearfully, "She kept talking about Nano.  Nano this, Nano that... I don't know who this Nano is, but he is not good for her!" 

Allegedly, shortly after beginning her involvement with the mysterious Nano, Shannon became reclusive, eschewing social functions and interactions.  The normally outgoing young woman transformed into a mere shadow of herself.  It is unknown whether this Nano person is responsible for her disapearance, or if it is merely a coincidence.  Officials are not ruling him out as a person of interest.

If anyone has information as to the whereabouts of Shannon or the identity of Nano, please contact the local authorities. 


Kati said...

I *DO* miss Shannon. But hey, I'll be OK with Nano if we get to read the final product.

Come back soon, Shannon, we miss you!



Beware of Nano. His relationships never last more than one month, and I hear he was "with" almost 120,000 people this year alone.

Shannon said...

Kati- Aw! Thanks! The damn writing stalled out just before Thanksgiving. I have 2 weeks until Winter Break (yay for being a teacher!) I plan to do a bunch of writing during the two weeks off. I hope.

Kerry- Yeah, I heard he was a dog.

Carolyn Jean said...

lol! I've heard about this NANO!!!!

Marg said...


You better watch out. In December, there's another fella who hangs around a lot too. He has several aliases - but there's a pretty good description of him - snowy white hair, big beard, where's a lot of red!

Stacy~ said...

As a concerned friend of Shannon's, good influence or not, an intervention has been planned to save her from herself, er, Nano. I hope to report that the results are positive and that drinking and revelry are involved.

little alys said...

I had lost hope! Coming everyday hoping for a glimpse of the elusive red-headed Shannon M.
Darn this Nano!